‘Aadukalam’ is my dream character: Dhanush

Actor Dhanush is fresh from the success of ‘Padikkadhavan’ and is juggling Mitran Jawahar’s ‘Kutty’ and Vetrimaran’s ‘Aadukalam’ currently. If he is playing the role that Allu Arjun played as the carefree lover in the Telugu superhit ‘Arya’, he is busy playing a local Madurai boy in ‘Aadukalam’.
“Characters etched like the one I have in ‘Aadukalam’ come by rarely. Typically, an actor should consider himself lucky if he gets three or even four such well defined characters in his acting career. I’m glad I got this at such an early stage in my career,” says the actor, refusing to divulge more details.
He also says it’ll be a big break for him as it will be starkly different from his other roles. “I’m not the one to play the same role all the time. ‘Polladhavan’ was so action packed and the next release of mine, ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’, was a complete clean family film. This will be another genre in itself,” says the actor.

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