'Asal' is another 'Basha' – Saran

Though election talk is the rage now, there also seems to be a lot of talk about the Ajith-Saran team project of 'Asal.' The 2 are teaming up for the fifth time and Saran speaks about this partnership.
"The tiny seed planted in me 7 years ago has taken root and grown to become 'Asal' now. This is also about a man's revenge for having been betrayed. This will not be a usual film of the villain being destroyed and all's well that ends well type of story. I have tried something different like a don, some international chasing and so on."

Does Ajith play a don?
"If I say no, you're not going to leave me be. I would say his role is like Rajini in 'Basha.' After the film is released, Ajith will definitely be celebrated as a superstar. Ajith has a lot of scope with get-ups, mannerisms and style."

In which country will the international chasing be?
"Not country, but countries like Greece , Italy , Singapore and Dubai . 'Asal' will be an action film that will be the talk for at least 10 years," says Saran with confidence and vigour.

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