Nichole says that her fans don’t approve her glamour

Nichole while speaking to the media said that her fans do not approve her glamour roles. She is currently acting in Aaru Maname and Nai Kutty.

Nichole said,’ When I was introduced in the film Adda Enna Azhagu I decided not to act in glamour roles. But since this being my first film I had no other alternative but to act in glamour role. But later I understood that my fans did not accept me in glamour roles.

So I decided not to act in glamour roles in future. Normally they will ask an actress to act in glamour if she had already acted in such role but in my case they did not ask me to do the glamour role. Instead I was given a village girl who wears half saree in the film Aaru Maname. In my other film Nai Kutty I am donning the role of a flower seller. Both the films have scope for acting. I will definitely capture the hearts of my fans by doing these roles.”

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