Kanden Kadhalai Movie Review

Banner – Moser Baer Entertainment, Blue Ocean Entertainment & Sun PicturesCast – Bharath, Tamannah, Sapan Saran, Santhanam and Others…Music Director – VidyasagarLabel – Moser BaerDirector – KannanProducer – V M LalithaYear : 2009
Director Kannan Kanden Kadhalai is the remake of Hindi blockbuster movie “Jab We Met” directed by Imitiaz Ali in Hindi version. Remaking the movies is not an easy task though only to an extent but the director however manages to suit the taste of the local audiences. Comparing the original version of the movie the director equally inserted as many scenes of the original version.
The movie plot is so simple and doesn’t have any heroism and punch dialogues but the screen will move among two pivotalcharacters (i.e) Bharath(Sakthivel) and actress Tamanna(Anjali). Bharath(Sakthivel) is a son of a wealthy entrepreneur who is depressed at life and decides to go no where in the globe. The movie begins when a man who has less to talk for his depressed life boards to a train met talkative Tamanna(Anjali) whose character is contradictory to each other. Anjali is a bold and kind hearted girl misses the train in the middle of the journey because of Bharath(Sakthivel) which leads him to take her to home town Theni.With many twists and tales they become close friends. Bharath(Sakthivel) a man has no place to go entertainingly loved by the entire Anjali family including her grandfather Ravichandran, dad Nizhalgal Ravi etc… Girls mind can’t read by anyone as a fact that Anjali decides to elope from her home to marry her lover boy friend Goutham (Munna). While eloping Anjali seeks the help of Sakthivel and the whole family mistakes that she was out of home to marry Bharath(Sakthivel). Fate plays a vital role in the movie as Sakthivel came to knew that Anjali had not married to Munna and was missing from her home then.
After her love failure the bubbly talkative Anjali becomes silent in nature on the contrast Sakthivel turns bubbly and talkative. Sakthivel on the other hand convinces Goutham to marry Anjali but the whole family of Anjali believes that Sakthivel and Anjali are joyfully married and leading a good life. The story twisted more when Anjali fells in love with Sakthivel. Whom she ties the knot Sakthivel or Gautham forms the rest of the film.
Actress Tamanna had given a dream role which she can act, dance, glam, emote, comedy etc… and she does her role without much justification. Actor Bharath after acting in ditched commercial movies has a solid plot to taste some success and does his job well. Santhanam as Mokkai Raju stir up laughter for the screen. Munna as Anjali’s boy friend has lesser scope in the movie does his part well. Comparing the music of original version “Kanden Kadhali” is little back but anyway the tunes are attracting for the local audiences. Cinematographer Muthiah visualized the exotic locations in splendor.
The emotions scene at the climax was very much absent with Kanden Kadhalai comparing the “Jab we Met”. On the whole the movie is a good entertainer to watch and it will attract all the youths more. With Sun Pictures promos the movie is a strong contender for the box office this season. The director manages to copy every sequence, costumes of both actor actresses and doesn’t even try to develop the script further.
Kanden Kadhalai “Imitative Endeavor”
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