Thamanna says she wants to pair with Kamal

Thamanna is quite happy because she has paired will all the big stars. Kandein Kadhalai which she did the female lead role is doing well at the box office.

The shooting of the film Thillangadi and Sura is going on. Thamanna recently shared her cinema experiences with the media people. She said,” I am currently acting in Paiya, Thillangadi and Sura. Paiya is being released for Pongal.

I want pair with Kamal. If I get the chance I will not miss it. Among actresses I like Asin and Trisha very much. They are best actors and they have lot of fans. Tamil cinema is in very good condition now. I am really very happy to be part of it.

I have no intention of acting in Hindi cinema. If I get a good story I might act in a Hindi film. I will not act in swimming suits. I have been signed for two Telugu films. I have no intention of getting married now. If any body says that he is in love with me, my reply will depend on the person concerned. We cannot say that actresses go to act in Hindi films to earn money.
There is chance to become internationally fame if one acts in Hindi films. It is a beautiful experience to act with Vijay in Sura. He is a hard worker. In Hindi, Madhuri Dixit is my favourite actress. Hrithik Roshan is my favourite hero. Sachin is my favourite cricketer. If I ahd not come to act, I would have been a doctor. I know English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. My mother tongue is Hindi.’

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