Vedhika says she is a friendly girl

Vedhika made her debut in the film titled Madarasi. She paired with Arjun in this film. After this film she paired with Lawrence in Muni, with Simbhu in Kalai, with Santhanu in Sakkarakatti and with Arun Vijay in Malai Malai.
She has completed one Telugu film titled Vaana. Vedhika had recently come to Chennai to listen to a story. While speaking about her to the media, she said,” I was born and brought up in Mumbai. Right from my small age I was interested in dancing and acting.
I have studied B Sc (Admn) at USA and completed my M Sc (Marketing) in London. My mother was very supportive in my interests. My brother also use to encourage me a lot. But we use to fight now and then. Our family is the jolliest. I happened to meet Arjun after coming to India. He asked me whether I have got interest for acting.
I nodded immediately. After this the screen test was made. Arjun who was impressed made me act in Madarasi. I acted in my first film with the big actor Arjun. After this I acted with big stars like Lawrence, Simbhu and Arun Viajy. I am really proud because of this.I like to act in all type of roles. I am not very particular about the role.
But the role should have importance in the story. I also want to act in dual roles as well as in negative roles. I don’t know whether this will be fulfilled. I have not come to act with the intention of making money or fame. I had come to act because of the passion I have for cinema. I want to earn a good name.
I am very careful that I should not earn a name that I am a vulgar actress. Kamal Haasan is my favorite actor in Tamil. Sree Devi is my favourite actress. In fact she is my role model. Many are asking me about ambition.
My ambition is to act in lot of films and earn a good name. I am a peace loving friendly person. After Malai Malai I got lot of offers but I did not accept because there was no importance for the role. I am listening to lot of stories. That is why I had come to Chennai.”

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