Asin says that she will act in Tamil films if she gets a good story

Asin who got the Kalaimamani Award said.” I am very happy that I got this award. I have acted in a lot of Tamil films. The two Hindi films I had acted have done well at the box office.

My next film will be announced shortly. Many are asking me about the recent sensational news about me. I am a family bird. If there is no shooting I will spend my time with my dad and mum.

I don’t go for parties and pubs. Ever body knows about it. I am the same in Mumbai as I was in Chennai. So people need something to spread rumors about me. But I am not worried about these rumors.
I am concentrating on my acting. People are asking me whether I will act in Tamil films. Why shouldn’t I act in Tamil films? I will definitely act in Tamil film if I get good story and director.”

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