K Bhagyaraj to turn Villain?

If an ace craftsman like Bhagyaraj, who is celebrated in Indian cinema as one of the greatest screen play writer, admires a script of a contemporary young director isn’t that a good reason to celebrate? Director Shiva has earned the admiration of K Bhagyaraj when he narrated his new film script to him.
When Bhagyaraj gave out his appreciation to the young director, Shiva has immediately requested him to do the negative role in the script. Taken aback by this unexpected offer the director hesitantly asked, “Will the audience like to see me in a negative shade? He went on to say “Just jot down the positives and negatives of this attempt in a paper and give it to me. Let me go through it and then I‘ll take a decision”. We are also eagerly waiting for the out come Bhagyaraj sir.
Anyhow, the multifaceted creator has already done a baddie in his ‘Vidiyumvarai Kaathiru’. So, it’s not gonna be new to him.
While this project is still in its early stage, Bhagyaraj is acting as Dhanush’s uncle in Mithran Jawahar’s ‘Ready’ remake.

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