Stunt scene at a cost of Rs 50 Lakhs

A stunt scene was shot at a cost of Rs 50 Lakhs for the film Aaravadhu Vanam. Director R Bhuvanesh while speaking about this said,’ We planned to shoot a fighting scene in a scary way.
Stunt master Supreme Sundar had designed the fight which will feature the hero and 20 stunt actors. We have shot this fighting scene for 7 days in a location in Pollachi. Nobody has ever set the foot there so far.
Producer Thyagarajan has spent Rs 50 Lakhs for this stunt scene. The fight scene will be very realistic. This fight will be much spoken about. We shot one scene where lovers try to commit suicide. So the actors were rehearsing this scene.Some people who saw this thought they were really committing suicide and informed the police. It was a great struggle for us to come out of this problem. This film speaks about a village is destroyed because of caste.”

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