Bharathiraja’s no to ‘Kilakku Cheemayile’ sequel!

If you are someone who enjoys Bharathiraja’s ‘Kilakku Cheemayile’ then a part of the credit belongs to the film’s script writer Rathnakumar. The writer is now a director and interestingly he is directing the sequel of ‘Kilakku Cheemayile’.
Something is not so common, right? What you might think is why Rathnakumar should direct the sequel when Bharathiraja directed the first part and it was the blockbuster of its age? We felt the same too…
Guess what? Bharathiraja had turned down the offer of directing the second part when the producer of the film offered this project. He said that he has no interest or belief on the concept of sequels, say the sources.
Just like how Radhika enjoyed a meaty role in ‘Kilakku Cheemayile’, ‘Veyil’ fame Priyanka is offered a good role in the sequel. If Rathnakumar’s pen had illustrated a rustic story of a sister and brother, the sequel will be a relationship drama of a father and daughter.
90% of the film’s shoot is over, say the director. And the sequel is named as ‘Sengathu Cheemayile’. So, let’s play the waiting game to see if Bharathiraja’s choice is right…

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