8 Comedy takes on Kushboo’s lifestyle

Actress Kushboo had a great time before couple of decades and now is trying to save herself in town now. She is in no way different from other Bollywood actresses, who want to stay under spotlights by doing some gimmicks. Here’s a sneak look into various arenas of the actress, by which she got more popularand her comments on it…
Karuppu: (Virginity) – Thamizha Pidikaadha Vaartha
Blouse: Life Jacket
Stage: Killing Grounds for Tamil
God: Entity, who will not notice even when you wear them in front of them
Tamilians: Build Temples and pull them to courts as well.
Puzhal Prison: Nightmarish dreams
Sundar C: Appointed as Husband and is doing a good job.
Avinthika – Ananthika: They make her feel old
Secret of Success: Knows the sensational issue which will create publicity when uttered and committed in public…

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