Actress Poorna’s interview

Are you interested in dance programmes than cinema?
It is not like this. Right from my young age I was interested in dance. That is why I am concentrating on dance even now. I was introduced as an actress in Telugu films at age of thirteen itself.
But after this I started participated in dance programmes alone. After this I came to cinema. Since I like Tamil cinema, I will continue to act in Tamil films.
It seems that you are getting roles through recommendations?
This question is being asked regularly these days. Though I have answered this question, I am being asked the same question again and again. Nobody is recommending for me. I have not come to cinema expecting something. Offers are coming in search of me. There are no people to recommend for me as you say.
In cinema functions you are being compared with Asin?
Yes. It is true that people compare me to Asin in the functions I participate. Since I have the physique like Asin, people speak like this. But while acting I am very individualistic. I follow my style of acting. Because this I am very careful in choosing stories and characters. Apart from this I like being compared with Asin.
About Telugu and Hindi films?
I have acted in Telugu films earlier. But now I am concentrating in Tamil films alone. Audiences have also supported me in films like Muniyandi and Kandakottai. I have no experience in acting in Hindi films.\
Parthiban is acting and directing this film. I am the heroine of this film. The story is about a police officer’s life. I have got a different role; this film will be definitely a hit. I am also currently acting in Droghi and Arjunan Kadhali.

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