Ajith advices his fans not to smoke

Ajith starrer Asal ahs been released. There are scenes where Ajith smokes in this film. There were lot of posters erected with scenes Ajith smoking.
The PMK had objected to these posters and made it a controversial issue. When asked Ajith about this, he said,” I have made a resolution not to comment on controversial issues. There is nothing permanent in life. Apart from cinema there is another life also.
Because of this I keep aloof. I want to say one thing to my fans. We should know to differentiate between cinema and real life. We should follow only the good things in cinema. People should not take up to smoking after seeing me smoke in the films..
The film Asal has come out well.I have worked with Saran. He has recognized this and gave me the associate director status in the title card. I am thankful to Saran and Shivaji Productions. The audience have also changed and hence I will not use the title Ultimate Star.I have struggled for 18 years and I have got the recognition as a good actor.In all my forthcoming films there will be a title which says that ‘ Take only the good things and leave the others in the theatre itself’.

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