Nayanthara recently gave an interview to the media.

Recently the films Aadhavan (Tamil), Body Guard (Malayalam) and Adurs (Telugu) were great hits. What have you got to say about this?

I am very happy. If a film does not do well, I will be upset. If a film is a hit, the joyfulness will be overwhelming. After 4 ½ years I have acted in the Malayalam film Body Guard.
The story was good. This film was also a great success. In the similar way Aadhavan is also a hit film which had good storyline. My first Telugu film Lakshmi was directed by Vinayak. This film was also a hit. Now the film Adurs was also directed by Vinayak. This was also a great success. I am really happy about it.
What are your forthcoming projects?
Currently I am pairing with Aarya in the Tamil film Boss Engira Baskaran. In Telugu I am pairing with Balakrishnan in a film. In Malayalam, I am acting in a film directed by Shyam Prasad and in Kannada I am pairing with Upendra.
Do you know Kannada?
Though I was born in Bangalore, I cannot speak Kannada. But I can understand if others speak.
Have your goal in the film industry has been achieved?
I made my entry into cinema on 1st December 2003. Normally who come to cinema field will come with an ambition that they should get name and fame. They will come with the dream of getting star status. But I came to cinema without such ambitions. I thought I will act in one film and come out. But after coming into the field I became so involved. I got the name and fame which I never expected. I have no particular ambition. I should get food films. I want to retain the name and fame. That’s all.
How is life going on?
FineYour colleagues Meena, Ramba and Navya Nair have got married. When is your marriage?I don’t know when my marriage will take place. But it will take place at the appropriate time. For everything time should come.
Whether your marriage will be love or arranged one?
I don’t know. But one thing is for sure. It will happen with the approval of my parents. But I don’t know that who will be marrying me.
What have you got to say about the rumors linking you with Prabhu Deva?
No comments.
In recent times you are wearing nose ring? What is the specialty?
I felt like wearing it so I am wearing it. There is no other reason.
Whom would you prefer to act?
I am not particular about that hero or this hero. I am happy to act with everyone. So far I have not paired with Kamal Hassan. If I get the chance I will definitely act with him.
There is news that you will be dancing with Prabhu Deva in the Chief Minister’s function to be held on 6th of this month?
I will definitely participate in the Chief Minister’s felicitation function. But about my dance, it is yet to be finalized.
How will Nayanthara be after 20 years?
God alone knows about it. How can I forecast about it. I am not God. I am an ordinary person
Are your parents and brother are happy?
I am keeping my parents happy. My brother is in Dubai. We converse on phone once in two days. I consult my brother in any matter. My brother never advice me that I should be like this or like that. In the similar way I also don’t advice him.

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