21 heroines for one hero

Oorvasi- Lalitha-Lalitha- Lavanya. Using the first two alphabets of the names the film is titled Oo La La La.

This film is being directed by the popular producer A M Rathnam’s son A M Ramakrishna who had directed Ennaku 20 Unakku 18 and Kedi. A M Ramakrishna apart from doing the lead role has written the screenplay and also directing this film. This film is based on the relationship between the boys and girls.
Whether they remain friends till the end or turn out to be lovers forms the theme of this film. There are 21 heroines in this film. Preethi Bhandari is the main heroine.
The other 20 heroes are also acting with Ramakrishna. Each one has an important role to play in this film. Ramakrishna says that he is planning to release this film in the month of May.

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