Aval Peyar Thamizharasi – Tamil Movie Review

http://www.parimalan.com/Images/AvalPeyarTamilArasi/AvalPeyarTamilArasiFront.jpgStar-casts: Jai, Nandagi, Theodre Bhaskaran, Ganja Karuppu and many othersBanner: Moser Baer, Blue Ocean EntertainmentProduction: Dhananjayan, LalithaDirection: Meera KadhiravanMusic: Vijay Anthony
Right from their maiden production, Moser Baer has been churning out certain flicks that don’t carry any such attribute of self-aggrandizing as a commercially successful flick. They neither make it big in box office nor receive good reviews amongst the audiences.
We would like to post a question on producers – What actually a good quality films means? Is it about presenting an art film with dark themes with all the characterization lamenting throughout the shows.
Sorry to say! If these are his intentions, the film should be directly released in home videos or merely for the sake of award functions.
‘Aval Peyar Thamizharasi’ disappoints us completely as none of its aspects impresses us. On the first day of show, there were hardly 23 audiences and that too was for the sake of banner – Moser Baer. Precisely, if the film was well, the 23 could’ve been manipulated into 2300 in the next following shows. But unfortunately, the film cannot hold its shows more than couple of days.
The film is about Jyothi (Jai) raping his childhood pal Thamizharasi (Nandagi) so that she wouldn’t leave him for her engineering graduation in Pune. But his cruel intentions, turns the life of Thamizharasi upside down with her mother committing suicide and her educational dreams shattered down. Years later, Jyothi regretting his sins goes in search of his girl.
Jai looks doubtful right throughout the film and his characterization is so bleak. When almost all the natives of village enunciate Tamil with their unique style, Jai speaks out in Chennai slang. Nandagi is the only convincing part and yet she hasn’t been utilized properly.
We have listed some of the illogical aspects –
The film starts with Parthiban narrating the story. All of sudden shift to Jai’s voiceover. The narration from narrator’s perspective shifting to the protagonist is a real crap.
How come the artists are dancing for Tamil song in deep villages of Maharashtra?
Jai’s friends instigate him to rape Nandagi. But on the very next scene, Jai remains silent when his friends accuse him of committing such an act.
Why that is always girls are narrated with such weakness dominated by Men? She is molested by Jai and yet she convinces her friend with good reason behind the reason.
Why that is almost the actresses in offbeat films become sex-workers?
A humble request to filmmakers! Please try something unique as our very own yesteryear directors like Bharathiraja, Mahendran and Balu Mahendra have presented us with evergreen stories set in rural backdrops.
Vijay Anthony’s background is trivialized and none of the songs are appreciable while P.G. Muthaiah’s camera isn’t as appealing as his previous films.
Finally, Moser Baer must correct its way of choosing scripts. Except ‘Kanden Kadhalai’, which was a hit mainly because of the label ‘Jab We Met remake’, none of the other releases have been a commendable one.
Bottom – Line: Its neither Serious Cinema or a Art Flick
Verdict: Big Bore !

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