Hindi film ‘Julie’ dubbed in Tamil

The hit film Julie which was hit in North India is being dubbed in Tamil. This is a titillating romantic story. Sanjay Kapoor and Neha Dubia are in thelead roles. Julie after completing her studies in Goa is a free bird and flutters like a butterfly. Nikil falls in for her. After loving her, he has sexual relationship with and later on ditchers her. He gets married to another girl. Julie who is distressed by this incident goes in search of her friend in Mumbai. Her friend gets her a job in a construction company. Rohan is compassionate towards her.
His soothing words make her forget her past. She becomes intimate with him. He also enjoys her and forces her to share the bed with his boss. After this she is pushed into prostitution. At this point of time, a young business man falls in love with her. Whether his family accepts or not is the rest of the story. Himesh Reshammiya who had composed the music for Dasavatharam has composed the music. Deepak has directed this film. J P Kumar has produced this film on behalf of Future Films.

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