An interview with Sadha

Will you act in the film which has the significance for the heroine?
I have done such a role in a Telugu film. If the film flops, the blame falls on the heroine. So I am scared to act in such films. Instead of this I like to act in commercial films which would attract the audience.
Why this gap?

In between I was signed for three Hindi films. I had given continuous call sheet for these films; hence I was not able to act in Tamil films.
About Puli Vesham?
Before this, P Vasu had approached me to act in the Kannada film Aptharakshaka and other films. I had sometimes wept for not acting in his films. But now he has given me a good role in this film Puli Vesham. I am pairing with R K. According to the story, my role is mysterious. The mystery will be disclosed in the final scene only.
Earlier you have acted with big heroes?
Though I have acted in many Telugu films, I had acted in Jayam with a new face Jayam Ravi. Even in Unnale Unnale I had acted with Vinay who was a new face. When I select a film, I will not see who the hero is. I will always see who is the director, the role, the story and the producer. If I like any one of these I will agree to work in that film. Money is not important for me.
There is an image that you are doing homely roles?
I have changed this in Anniyan. I had come in modern dresses in the song sequences in this film. Glamour role is suitable for me. But I will not exceed my limitations.

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