Meena to continue acting

Meena has drawn a line between her profession and family. As per the new arrangement, the recently-wedded actress would continue acting in films, but without disturbing her personal life.
If circles close to Meena are to be believed, she would act one film each in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada per year, as she has been getting offers non-stop from the above languages. “She would act in Telugu only if the weight of the role offered to her is good,” they said.
“Acting in three to four movies a year would in no way affect her personal life. The new decision has been taken in consultation with her husband and other members in his family,” sources said.
“Meena’s husband never stood against her acting in films. But Meena herself wanted to concentrate more on family life than movies,” they said and added: “She is currently acting in ‘Thambikottai’ in Tamil and would sign new projects soon.”

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