Aarya-Vikram’S ‘Raavana’ Connection

It’s a fact of commonality between these happening hunks of Kollywood. Gone are those days, where it was Lord Rama being praised and now ‘Raavana’ seems to have become the duckiest character of universal masses.Manifestly, Manirathnam’s film title ‘Raavana’ has kept everyone uttering the word on lips. Preferably, it’s Vikram – The Raavana guy, who has been ardently addressed with this character name often in town now.But, then what’s connecting Aarya with this factor? Aarya’s yesterday Telugu release ‘Varudu’ is all about the modernized tale of mythological book of ‘Ramayana’. The entire marriage takes place just as that of Lord Rama for 5 days and on the spur of moment, the bride is kidnapped by a baddie (played by Aarya). Rest of the film is about his upheavals and how the good wins over bad.It circuitously offers an idea whether Vikram’s role would be the same as Aarya in ‘Raavana’. But Manirathnam has been a genius with rational thoughts of delivering what you never expect.

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