Aishwarya hurt on ‘Raavan’ set

Mani Ratnam is a task master and even the biggest stars don’t complain him for that. Recently Aishwarya Rai got bruised and cut while doing a mountain climbing sequence for ‘Raavan’ under the instructions of Mani. But the beauty took it in good right spirits.
According to the scene Aishwarya had to climb a steep path up a mountain with Ravana not once but twice because she had to do it for both Tamil and Hindu versions. Ravana character is played by Abhishek and Vikram in Hindi and Tamil respectively.
Aishwarya is a determined lady and so she didn’t mind it. First she will climb up with Abhishek for Hindi and then she will climb down to again climb up with Vikram.
At the end of the day Ash had enough scars and marks to prove her supreme professionalism.

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