Anjali speaks about the success of Angaadi Theru while speaking about the success of Angaadi Theru said,” I am feeling like that this success has changed my entire life. Everybody from every nook and corner is appreciating this film and me.
The reason for this success is director Vasantha Balan. Because he gave us full freedom and extracted the work from us. I have become more popular now because of this success though I had some fame after acting in Kattradhu Tamizh. Now lots of directors are having faith in me and have started narrating stories. Currently I am acting in Rettai Suzhi, Magilchi and Thoonga Nagaram.
I am donning the role of a teacher in Rettai Suzhi and also the grand daughter of Bharathiraja. I was initially very scared to act with him. But he was exceptionally much moving with us which made the fear complex to disappear. In Magilchi I am donning the role of a village girl. In Thoonga Nagaram I am donning a totally different role. I have not donned such kind of role so far. I feel I am not suitable for glamour roles.”

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