Bomb blasting Mani

Mani Ratnam, the impeccable director we know, has gone another step to prove his eye for detail.
Mani Ratnam, on the sets of ‘Raavan’ that is almost complete, shot a risky scene along with the stunt director, Sham Kaushal who worked on every aspect of the scene to come out well.
Inspired by a real life incident that happened to Mani Ratnam, he wanted a similar scene with a petrol bomb that blasts while the lead pair Aishwarya Rai and Vikram walk in front of it.
The scene was such that the bomb blasts in mid-air, just before it lands on the ground. The actors were only 15 feet before the point of landing, and Vikram and Aishwarya had agreed to do the risky scene as Mani thought would appear great on screen.
Once the risky scene was over, Mani was happy with the end product and congratulated the actors and Sham Kaushal for the dedication.
This is not the first time Mani Ratnam has tried something risky, even during the shooting of ‘Bombay’ and escaped from an accident.
With so much effort being put in the movie, let us hope nothing else bombs!

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