Gowtham Menon’s next film to release shortly

Gowtham Menon hasn’t started working on Ajith Kumar’s 50th film as the actor is now busy preparing for Formula 2 racing tournament, which starts on April 16 and ending by September.
Since, there’s a lot of time left for the shooting, Gowtham is now busy completing his untitled thriller with his manager Veera and Sameera Reddy playing the lead roles. Gowtham Menon’s untitled film is reported to be a thriller that centers on a young man’s encounter with a sex-worker during a night time, which results in unexpected twists and turns.The film doesn’t have any songs and the total duration of this film will be 90mins. The closer sources have confirmed that the film is not based on Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Chameli’ that had a similar plot but with a different treatment in screenplay.

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