Prabhu Deva – a year younger today!

The man with no bone! We don’t mean to say he is boneless but the highly flexible Prabhu Deva celebrates his birthday today!
Prabhu Deva is the synonym of growth, achievement and what not! Started off as an assistant choreographer to his father Sundaram, and then elevated himself to a choreographer par excellence. As a choreographer Prabhu Deva proved his mettle and started a league of his own. Having choreographed for more than 100 movies, Prabhu Deva was awarded the National Award for Choreography twice – ‘Minsara Kanavu’ in Tamil and ‘Lakshya’ in Hindi.
Prabhu Deva slowly graduated himself in front of the camera. Like a teenage youth with parallel pants in ‘April Mayile’ song in ‘Idhayam’ and many more till he was noticed for his sensational dance in ‘Chikku Bukku Raile’ in ‘Gentleman’. His dance moves shot him to everlasting fame that he was nicked ‘Michael Jackson of India’.
Having a charismatic screen presence and a smiling face, Prabhu Deva was introduced as a hero in ‘Indhu’ opposite Roja. From there his career as a hero began. In ‘Kadhalan’ both his dance and his acting received appreciation. ‘Urvasi Urvasi’ danced by Prabhu Deva, amazed the Tamil audience. Some people even thought he had no bones!
After that he acted in so many movies including multi-starrers like VIP with Abbas; ‘Minsara Kanavu’ with Arvind Swamy and Kajol; ‘Kaadhala Kaadhala’ with Kamal Haasan; ‘Pennin Manathai Thottu’ with Sarath Kumar and ‘James Bond’ with Parthiban and with many more actors. His acting is flawless, as he can deliver both comic and tragic dialogues with the same ease.
Not just in Tamil, Prabhu Deva is popular throughout the country. His dance moves are celebrated even now in some of the reality shows on television. As a choreographer, actor and also as a director, Prabhu Deva has made a mark in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. He has acted in more than a dozen movies in Telugu.
After learning the nuances of film making, Prabhu Deva has joined the bandwagon of commercial film directors. He made his directorial debut in Telugu with ‘Nuvvu Vastanante Nennu Vaddantana’. Known to all Tamil cine goers, as a director he remade the Telugu blockbuster ‘Pokkiri’ and ‘Villu’ both with Vijay.
Prabhu Deva is an icon of his own. Many budding dancers and dance masters have chosen dance because of him. He has also inspired many choreographers to take up action and direction.
Let us hope he comes up with many more movies with lots of dance and humour!
Happy Birthday Prabhu Deva!

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