Season Of More Dubbed Films

With Chennai and its surrounding centres turning to be the uprising hub for Hindi films, the Bollywood producers have now gradually turned their course of direction over here. Within next couple of months, there’s gonna be heavy downpour of Hindi flicks dubbed in Tamil.Vivek Oberoi’s ‘Prince’ is hitting screens in Tamil on day after tomorrow (April 9) with the same title. It’s a well known fact that Vivek Oberoi himself has dubbed in Tamil and is set to have a big opening in Chennai.Similarly, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Phoonk-2’ has been dubbed in Tamil as ‘Bommai-2’ slated for release on April 16. The distributors and producers of Hindi Cinema have now started dubbing their films in Tamil as a must part of their post production schedule so as to release them later in time.It’s worth mentioning that most of the films churned out by UTV Motion Pictures are already dubbed in Tamil including Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Fashion’.

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