Thangapadhumai Tamannah Fans Club

Even if Tamannah wishes against it her fans in Tamil Nadu are soon to project her as the next prospective chief minister of the state. That’s what you feel after seeing the recent activities of Tamannah fans in smaller towns of Tamil Nadu.
After Madurai cinema buffs started a fans club for Telugu beauty Ileana now the far southern Thuthukudi fans have started a fans club for Tamannah. Thuthukudi fans claim their association is not just one of the clubs but the Head Fans Club.
To prove their point they have even erected a huge cut out towering 50 feet of Tamannah at the theatre releasing her latest film 'Paiyaa and performed ‘palabishekam’. Thuthukudi fans have also given her the title 'Thangapathumai' and call the newly formed association ‘Agila Indhiya Thangapadhumai Tamannah Rasigar Narpani Mandram'.
Hope they don’t stoop to new levels of indecency by venturing out to build a temple for the actress.
But still nobody could gauge the independent star value of Tamannah till now as all her films so far have been with big saleable mass heroes. Does any film sell on the value of Tamannah as it did once for Revathi or Nadhiya? ‘Agila Indhyia Thangapadhumai Tamannah Rasigar Narpani Mandram' president may be able to answer this.

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