Guru Sishyan – Tamil Movie Review

Banner: Cinema ParadiseProduction: Shakthi ChidambaramDirection: Shakthi ChidambaramStar-casts: Sathyaraj, Sundar C, Hema Malini, Santhanam, Saranya, Raj Kapoor, Ravi Khale and othersMusic: Dheena
Sakthi Chidambaram has never strained himself over delivering a film that has a serious conceptualization. All his films have been about masala potboilers with fun, frolic, glamorous quotients, couple of duets in foreign beaches, a death leading to family rivalry and a flashback proving of someone’s innocence.
Shakthi Chidambaram’s previous films ‘Kovai Brothers’, ‘English Karan’, ‘Sandai’ had at least three of these elements. Now, the filmmaker blends everything together and thusly offering a cliched masala drama that caters for the tastes of C centres.
Set in backdrops of Rajapalayam, the film is about a bigwig Guru Moorthy (Sathyaraj), fondly adored as ‘Kaalu’ meaning leg (reason behind this nickname is revealed by Sathyaraj himself during the beginning with accordance to ‘Thala’ Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar). He leads a rich life by financing money for the people in entire town. Then enters Eeeti (Sundar C), who is ready to do anything for money (similar to his characterization in Sandai), who wins over the heart of Guru with his sincerity. Guru turns wildly villainous when he comes across Mahalakshmi (Saranya), who’s leading a pathetic life along with her family as he keeps devastating her livelihood. The flashback reveals that Mahalakshmi and Guru were happy married couple, who later fell split-up due to their difference of opinions of getting Guru’s sister married, which indeed resulted in her suicide.
When things get harsher with Guru, Eeeti reveals the secret that he’s none other than the younger brother of Mahalakshmi.
Now, he vows to unite both his sister and her husband while Guru challenges him about not joining hands with her again.
What forms next is a series of sequences that reminiscences Rajnikanth’s ‘Annamalai’ with a predictable climax and another flashback unraveling the mystery behind the death of Guru’s sister.
Sathyaraj looks old and he could’ve done this film without a wig. He must stop underplaying his roles and go for something more challenging in terms of characterization and script. Sundar C sleepwalks through the same role while Hema Malini is nothing but a mere glam-doll. It would be better if she sheds down her weight. Santhanam doesn’t get more scope for his comedy tracks. Barring climax portion, where he dresses up like ‘Thillana Mohanambal’ Padmini, nothing is appreciative. The Tiger’s entry into the marriage hall and its funny encounters with the characters are yet another additional plus.
Technically, the film doesn’t live up to the expectations as either cinematography or musical score by Dheena is commendable.
Finally, ‘Guru Shishyan’ turns to be a little disappointment as there were more expectations from this terrific combo Sakthi-Sundar C-Sathyaraj. The film is just for the single screen and down south audiences while the elite groups may not find the right entertainment with this film.

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