Kutti Pisasu – Tamil Movie Review

Starcast: Geetika, Sangeetha, Ramya Krishnan, Nassar,Director: Rama NarayananMusic: Deva
Draw the children to theatres, elders would automatically follow them. Cashing in on this ’success formula’, Rama Narayanan has bounced back with ‘Kutti Pisasu’, a film that has loads and loads of elements that could woo kids.
The Tamil Film Producers Council president, who has directed and produced this movie, has banked heavily on an ‘Ambulimama’ kind of story and dished out it in an ‘Avatar’ package, that is, technically sleek and superior.
For, computer graphics has got every reason to claim credit if the film becomes a hit. From beginning till the end, the veteran in children’s and Godly movies has used CG to the maximum possible extent.
Coming to the story, it is as usual the good defeating the evil after all troubles. The film opens with Kinathadi Kaali (Ramya Krishnan) establishing her prowess with a couple of sequences, including reducing a screen scorcher (Nasser) to a pale shadow.
Cut to the present, you have Priya (Keethika), the intelligent daughter of a couple (Ramji and Sangeetha), who treats her like the apple of their eyes. And soon, she is possessed by the spirit of Savithri (Kaveri) who is ditched by her fiancé Nanjappan (Riyaz Khan).
With the help of Kinathadi Kaali, it is the now the turn of Savithri and her brother Karuppu (Ganja Karuppu) to take revenge. How they punish Nanjappan and his sorcerer friend Mandiramoorthy (by joining hands with computer graphics) is the rest of the story.
Young girl Keethika has a meaty role to play and she does it with ease. Ramya Krishnan repeats her ‘Amman’ act while Ramji and Sangeetha have little to do apart from caring for the child. Nasser, Ganja Karuppu and Riyaz Khan are just adequate. Delhi Ganesh is also there.
Songs by Deva come as speed-breakers in this film dominated by things like a yellow car, a miniature villain etc. If you are ready to go back to your childhood days to listen a typical ‘grandma tale’, ‘Kutti Pisasu’ could be a right choice.

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