Meghna Naidu shakes legs for ‘Puli Vesham’

Followed by the grand success of ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’ and ‘Azhagar Malai’, actor RK is fast completing the shooting for ‘Puli Vesham’. This film is directed by top-charting filmmaker P. Vasu and is produced by R.K. under the banner of RK Worlds.
As known earlier, ‘Navarasa Nayagan’ Karthik’s comeback after a long sabbatical gap remains as one of the highlighting traits in this flick. In all equivalencies, Sadha’s comeback in Kollywood has turned more spotlights on this film. And now, there’s yet another special factor to grab everyone’s attention.
Aye, this is about the hottie Meghna Naidu shaking her legs for a fast beat Kuthu song scored by Srikanth Deva.
Meghna Naidu shot to fame herein K-town with ‘Veerasamy’, ‘Vaitheeswaran’ and struck the heart of young hearts in Bollywood with her oomph factors.
The song was recently shot across the backdrops of grandiloquent sets erected at the cost of Rs.20Lakhs. For the first time in the history of Tamil film industry, a song has been shot with complete empty bottles in the sets.
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‘It wasn’t an easy task to set-up a bar full of bottles. Firstly, we had to get on the pursuit of picking of so many bottles for an entire week. We had later tied every bottleneck with a rope and later pasted them on the walls’ says art director GK.
‘Naaka Mukka’ fame Sridhar has choreographed this fast-beat Kuthu song and it’s noteworthy that Meghna Naidu fainted down couple of times while filming this. According to the unit members, it has been mentioned that it will be yet another ‘Naaka Mukka’.
Choreographer Sridhar jocularly adds saying, “Meghna might have fainted out of wild dancing, but we are sure that the entire down will faint down for her glamorous treat.”

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