Trisha adopts 2 orphanage children on her birthday

Actress Trisha is very much interested in social work. She is helping the needy silently through her fans club. On her birthday she visits the Cancer Institute and gifts clothes and play materials to the cancer affected children.

She celebrated her birth day. She along with her mother Uma Krishnan and some friends visited the orphanage home Udavum Karangal. She spent a lot of time with orphan children there. She provided lunch for 400 children staying there. After this she adopted 2 orphan kids. One was a girl child and another one was boy child.
The girl child was slightly mentally retarded. She requested the concerned people to show the child which others did not want to adopt. Trisha’s friend seeing this also adopted one child. The film Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya which Trisha did the female lead role is doing fairly well at the box office and the Telugu film Namo Venkatesa in which she paired with Venkatesan is a super hit.
She is currently acting with Akshay Kumar in the Hindi film Khatta Meeta. She has also been signed to pair with Kamal Haasan in the Tamil film Karaniyum.

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