Actress Shika says that she is very happy to act in Tamil films

ShikaShika had captured the hearts of many by her cuteness in the film Kola Kolaya Mundhrika. Recently while speaking to the media, she said,” I am a native of Bangalore. My father is working in a private company. My mother is house wife. I have a brother. I have studied B Com.
I know western dance and Bharathanatiyam. I am the first person who has come to act. Because of this I did not get proper support from my family. Now since lots of people are appreciating me, my family has got some confidence on me. My real name is Bhavana and I have changed my name as Shika because there is already another Bhavana.
Shika means big. With regard to how I got the opportunity in Kola Kolaya Mundhrika is during my college days I use to draw a lot. Because of this I got the opportunity to act in a Kannada film. That is my first film. I had come for a marriage function in Chennai. Madhumitha madam, who saw me, phoned and asked me whether I am willing to act and asked me to come to the photo shoot.
So I met her and after a week’s time she told me that I am selected. My joy was boundless at that moment. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to act in a Tamil film. The reason for this is because the other language actresses are also interested to work in Tamil films. Tamil cinema is much spoken about throughout the world.
Since I did not know Tamil, I learnt Tamil for two weeks. After this I came to Chennai. Before the shooting commenced Madhumitha madam gave me lot of coaching for a week’s time. I am also proud that my first Tamil film was directed by a woman director. I am getting lots of offer after my first Tamil film. I will announce this after everything is finalized.”

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