Madhavan says that adapting a novel is very difficult

Madhavan said that it is very difficult to make a novel into a film. The film Three Idiots in which Madhavan acted is also based on a novel written by Chetan Bhagat. Madhavan while speaking said,” It is very difficult to adapt a novel into a film fully.

It would be better to take the crux of the novel and write the screenplay. The film Three Idiots is totally different from the novel. Many are asking me whether I read novels.

When I was studying I used to read a lot. But now there is no time for it. Because most of the time I spend in planes. I will be going to European countries for 48 days to act in the film Manmadha Ambu with Kamal.The Hindi film Tanu weds Manu has been completed. Since I am acting in Tamil and Hindi, I am known to all people in the country. I am really happy about this.”

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