Roja says that she is bored with politics

 Roja was a popular actress and she paired with all the popular stars. She entered politics by joining Telugu Desam party. She quit cinema and took part in full time politics. She contested for the assembly elections and lost. After a long time she is coming back to cinema.
She is donning the role of Vijay’s mother in Kavalkaran. Roja while speaking about this said,” I faced a lot of problems in Politics. For the sake of the people welfare I used to go to Collector’s office and police station. I was not able to eat in time. I used to participate in protest and fasting protests. But people like the persons who do not do anything. In politics, men are trying to overpower the women. Because of this women cannot withstand in politics.
I am fed up with politics. Those interested in social activities can do well only if they are in power. That is why I have returned back to cinema. I will continue to act in films. I will act in mother or sister roles. I am happy that I am donning the role of Vijay’s mother. Now a day’s lots of heroines are coming.
This is a appreciable thing. People’s taste are also changing these days. It will not be palatable to eat the same food every time. People will not see the same heroines again and again. They will see only if new heroines come. One cannot win in cinema by showing glamour alone. Only if you have talent one can sustain in this field.”

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