Santhanam reveals secret about SMS punch dialogue

 ‘Ovvaru Manushanukkum Ovvoru Feeling’ – this punch dialogue leaped laurels for Santhanam as for the first time a comedian had the chance of uttering the lines instead of film’s hero. Indeed, lead character Jeeva himself recognizes the feel during the second half that won claps at theatres.
Actor Santhanam was present to receive the 4th Annual Univercell Vijay Awards held recently in Chennai for the ‘Best Comedy Actor’. During the occasion, he said, “Once I and director Rajesh had been to the awards ceremony and it was going on and on. I couldn’t be patient and planned to get off from the place. But Rajesh said that he wanted to listen for the speech of his favorite director as he receives the best filmmaker award. Regrettably, the director just ‘Thanks’ and got down the dais. At that point, Rajesh himself uttered those lines, which was later used by us in the film Siva Manasula Sakthi….”

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