Sneha’S Thanks For Pitiable Stuntmen

SnehaEvery time stuntmen have to share screen space with a newcomer, it’s gonna be like a fish skipping out of water. They’ll have to make sure things are done carefully or else a horrible accident would happen. Actress Sneha seems to have gone ahead proving such an act.During a recent media interaction, the actress had openly confessed that she had caused more trouble on her stuntmen. It seems that during the times when the actress was supposed to pretend like hitting, the missy went for real actions. ‘I seek apology from the stuntmen, who could easily bear my mistakes’ jocularly adds Sneha.The actress tots up saying that she was completely joy-bounded on hearing Vijayashanthi uttering that Sneha is the right option for this remake of her yesteryear film ‘Vijayanthi IPS’.

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