Naran is Time-based crime thriller

Naran is Time-based crime thrillerJust as we have revealed everything on filmmaker Aadhi’s next film ‘Naran’, here’s an interesting fact about the film that it’s gonna be an outmost time based crime thriller. In the past, we have come such films very few even at international standards, say for instance Time Crime.In all likelihood, Aadhi promises to deliver an unusual thriller catering to the tastes of universal audiences. The film has newcomer-choreographer Agneeshwaran in lead with Poorna and Monicka starring opposite him in female lead roles.Again as it happened with Aadhi’s ‘Silandhi’, even this film revolves around a newlywed couple honeymooning at an Island and mystery starts haunting them. The film will be completed within short span of time and is scheduled to hit screens for Diwali.

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