Asin in Chennai. Red carpet rolled

Asin, after all the controversy over her visit to Sri Lanka and coo chi cooing with the government forces there is back at work and that too in Chennai. Tamil community was outraged at Asin’s visit to Sri Lanka and moving in the company of the President’s wife in military helicopter. Asin was able to go to areas declared high security zones and are banned even for international media and NGOs.
Asin with all her courage poo poohed the unity call of Tamil film industry and resumed her work for Vijay's film 'Kaaval Kaadhal'. The actress was seen shooting with Vijay in RCR region of Chennai with out any protest even to the minimum.
Does this mean the problem is over and Asin will not be troubled anymore? Was Asin right from the beginning when she daringly challenged the dictates of FEFSI? Will more stars be allowed to go to Sri Lanka in future? How are they planning to tackle the ban call given by the Tamil communities outside India including the largest Tamil organization FeTNA?
It’s good to have plans to cross the bridge even before they reach the bridge.

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