Dhrogi – Srikanth's Trump Card???

Actor Srikanth film career extends back from 9 years, but his hit films were patently very few. Say for instance, it was just his debut film ‘Roja Kootam’ and ‘April Madhathil’ that won him recognitions. Later, he stepped down from his reigning stardom with some flop and mediocre shows.

Setting things right with his personal issues, the actor promised about making a great comeback with his second innings. However, scenarios were literally same and there weren’t any big results for the actor. Most of his films ‘Indiravizha’, ‘Kutrappirivu’ and ‘Rasikkum Seemane’ were box office disasters.

Well, the actor’s only hope at the moment is ‘Dhrogi’ as he must surely try to prove something on his efficacious attempts. The film is reported to be an unusual action thriller set in backdrops of Chennai slums. Of course, Srikanth looks more rejuvenated and has banked all his hopes on his film.

Having been Manirathnam’s long time associate Sudha makes her debut directorial with this film, which features Vennila Kabadi Kulu fame Vishnu, Poorna and Poonam Bajwa in lead roles…

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