‘I controlled myself for NMA’

‘Thanks to Susindran for his detailed delineation of my characterization’ says Kajal Agarwal, who is curiously awaiting her tomorrow’s release ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’. The actress looks sure-footed as she feels ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ will be one of the finest milestones in her career.

Says Kajal Agarwal: ‘Usually my roles are more bounded to hyper-activeness and very bubbly. My role is chirpy, zippy and at the same time at its exactness. I have an important role to perform in this film and the romantic quotients have been finely delivered…’

When asked about her easiest and toughest shots in this film, Kajal admitted that there wasn’t a single sequence, where she felt difficult to accomplish with. ‘Just as Susindran narrated me the entire story, it was like a film-watching experience’ tots up Kajal Agarwal.

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