Sekhar Kammula is one of the gifted directors of our times and most of his movies have gone on to become super hits. Inidhu Inidhu is a remake of his 2007 blockbuster hit Happy Days which was shot with lesser known debutant actors and in a shoe string budget. The movie went on to rake in money and rewrite box office history of Telugu films reiterating Kammula’s stature.
Inidhu Inidhu, produced by Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies, is a feel-good flick that revolves around the lives of a group of college friends. K V Guhan wields the baton and tries to replicate the directorial prowess of Kammula in Inidhu Inidhu. This is Guhan’s first movie as a director, who had earlier associated with Prakash Raj as a cinematographer in his Mozhi. So impressed was Prakash with his work, he invited Guhan to direct Inidhu Inidhu, for which he seemed to have obliged.
The way Prakash Raj acquired the Tamil rights of
Inidhu Inidhu
Happy Days is interesting as well. After getting besotted by the songs of the then-unreleased Happy Days played by his driver in his car, Prakash inquired about the movie. During his next trip to Hyderabad, he met with the producers, saw the movie and struck a deal and later acquired the Tamil rights even before it was released in Telugu. After the movie became a runaway success, Prakash was approached many times by Tamil producers asking for the rights and willing to pay astronomical sums. Prakash never parted with the rights and here we have Inidhu Inidhu.
According to the scope of the movie, it’s supposed to have been shot almost entirely in a college. Kammula shot Happy Days in his own college (Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology). However, the college location Guhan selected for Inidhu Inidhu is as yet unknown.
Mickey G Meyer, who scored music for Happy Days is retained for the Tamil version too. His famously popular numbers should give the movie the required push.
Happy Days also starred Tamannah but sadly Prakash seems to have done away with her and opted for a debutant instead. The movie was also earlier dubbed and released in Kerala owing to the huge popularity Telugu films enjoy in Mallu land on par with Tamil movies.
The movie rides so much on all these positive aspects and the fact that it comes from the Prakash Raj’s Duet Movies stable, known for producing sensible movies scales up the expectation levels. It’s also widely expected that Prakash will get his business right this time too.
Starring: Adith Narayan, Vimal Saran, Reshmi, Bennas, Sonia, Gia Umar.
Direction: K.V. Guhan
Music: Mickey. J. Meyer
Production: Prakash Raj

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