Maddy Completes His First Season

Actor Madhavan’s realms is small screens isn’t something new as it dates back to his initial days in media. He had already hosted couple of game shows in small screens, which were acclaimed to the extremum. ‘Tol Mol Ke Bol’ and ‘Deal Ya No Deal’.

Sooner as the actor got through hectic schedules in film industry, he had kept himself away from TV shows. Recently, Madhavan signed an innovative game show titled ‘Big Money’, which again completes his hat-trick spell.

According to Maddy, the actor has finds himself more straining with this game as it involves lots of potentials. Interaction with the entire family of contestants happens to be the most difficult thing to carry about. Despites such hard factors, Maddy admits that he had to withstand the constraints and keep up the energy throughout the show.

The first season has been completed now and the program producers are planning for next season by next 3 months.

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