Poorna’s hands are full

Not just looks, but her activeness may also remind you of Asin. We are talking about Poorna, who is acting in seven films in Kollywood, not to forget about offers from Tollywood and Mollywood knocking her door.
In Tamil, she is currently acting in films like ‘Dhrogi, Vithagan, Aadu Puli, Arjunan Kaadhali, Naran, Vellore Mavattam’ and ‘Kolai Thozhil’. “All the seven films offered me enough scope to perform,” she says.
The actress, who says that she is open to challenging offers, adds: “I am at the initial stage of my career. Acting in varied roles could alone establish me as a good actress. So I am ready to try new things.”
As part of her mission, Poorna recently dubbed on her own for her character in ‘Dhrogi’. “Though I am not well versed in Tamil yet, I did so thanks to the encouragement by director Sudha Prasad.”

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