Three rascals – The whys and why-nots?

Even after two weeks of its release the buzz about Shankar’ Magnum Opus Endhiran hasn’t eased out, but talks about his next venture Three Rascals (official remake of 3 Idiots) has started doing its rounds in media circle and among fans.

Though we haven’t got any official confirmation about the movie from Shankar’s side let us see why and why should not there be 3 Rascals.


1) Just because of the plot - Yes we definitely need a story like 3 idiots which questions the current educational system in India where students focus is merely on marks rather than knowledge. Certain dialogues can really drive one to think in a different way. For e.g. Aamir Khan questions, “Rewind your life for a minute, did we ever think that we will learn something new today which we will enjoy in our life at some point?” Wise, right?
2) When you make your dream come true and when you are literally tired of making a real biggie after working for more than two and half years you really need to indulge yourself in a quickie where you pause your experimentation mode and make a simple and feel good movie.

3) Reports say that 3 Rascals will be a quickie and will not take 2 years of production time as Shankar’s other film do. And Shankar’s fans do not want to wait for another 3 years to get his venture released.

Why not?

1) Even though we need a subject like 3 idiots, do we want a director like Shankar to remake a film especially after doing a film like Endhiran?

2) Everyone knows how creative Shankar is, so what will be his contribution is a remake movie which was shot based on a novel.

3) Like superstar’s film Shankar’s film challenges his own previous ventures in terms of budget, quality, technical aspects … and what would we get if Shankar’s dream crosses Endhiran. Do we really need a subject like rascals or something bigger than that?

Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet Shankar will be thinking more than anyone to touch a remake subject especially at this point of his career.

Even though Shankar will not be interested in costume remakes what one would expect from Shankar is to make a movie based on the novel rather than an actual remake from B-town.


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