Hari speaks about Vengai

Vengai is a film which has Dhanush and Thamanna in the lead roles. Raj Kiran is donning an important role in this film. Hari is directing this film. Hari while speaking about this film said,” This is also a village based study. Of all the 10 films I have directed, I carry my camera and run to Karaikkudi.
I will show that place itself as Tirunalveli or Tuticorin. Now that place has become like my native place. The rituals they do during the marriage or child birth and for all the good and bad things are so wonderful. Dhanush has also become as if that place is his native place. For the first time Dhanush is acting in my film.
For a very long time, I like him very much. We cannot say anything about wrong about his acting. I was little scared whether he will suit in this film because he use to act in romantic films directed by his brother. But after seeing Polladhavan and Padikadhavan, I saw his growth. Immediately I felt that I should utilize him. I caught him at the right time. I got hold of him tightly and embraced him.
I am going to take him to my place. So I told him that you will miss your family and children for one month and asked him to pamper his kids. With regard to the heroine Thamanna, I have not told the story to any of my heroines. I will send my assistants to them. But in the case of Thamanna, I sat with her for three hours and narrated the story to her.
I wanted to bring a brave effect to her role who is scared of cockroaches and lizards. I told that how she should transform herself to extend of wielding a sickle. Though she is a Mumbai girl, she understood the role and we will be to extract the work from her.”

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