Smiling bright is Sneha

Sneha’s much delayed ‘Bhavani’, which portrays the smiling beauty in a full-length action avatar, is getting ready for release.
G Kicha, the producer and director of the film, which is a remake of ‘Vaijayanthi IPS’, has confirmed that attempts are on to make the move hit the screens by the end of this month.
“An action movie with a message, ‘Bhavani’ has been shaped up well. Sneha has taken risks in stunt sequences and this is going to be a landmark film in his career,” Kicha says.
“You could find a different Sneha while watching ‘Bhavani’. She fits well in the role of a police officer and took the character as a challenge. We suggested Sneha that a body double could be used to avoid any risk. But the actress was particular in performing the stunts by herself” he adds.

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