Swathi is happy about being a youth icon

It is indeed strange that Swathi Reddy has made it big in the South Indian  film industry in spite of having nobody to promote her. However, the actress does not mind the fact that she is not blessed by a godfather. On the contrary, Swathi Reddy feels relieved that she has nobody except the audience to satisfy and that there are less expectations from her as an actress because she has never received professional training.

It is to be recalled that Swathi Reddy first shot to prominence with her television talk show ‘Colours’ on Telugu television channel Maa TV. It was from here that Colours Swathi, as she famously came to be recognized as, stepped into the world of Tollywood with films like ‘Ashta Chamma’ & ‘Subramaniyapuram’ that not only won her the audience’s love but also accolades from the critics.

The promising actress is currently filming ‘Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam Appalaraju’ under the safe hands of renowned director Ram Gopal Verma. Way to go Swathi Reddy!

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