Vidhya Balan says that she is happy to don Silk Smitha’s role

Silk Smitha was the glamour queen who rocked the Tamil cinema in the 80s. She debuted in the film Vandi Chakkaram. She had acted in more than 200 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malaylam languages.
When she was in the height of her career, she committed suicide in the year 1996. Though she seduced the audience with her glamour, her personal life was filled with lots of sorrows. . Many have cheated her.
Many have loved her and ditched her. Some took money from her and cheated her. Smitha who was fed up, because of this committed suicide.
Now a bi-pic of her life is being made in Hindi with the title The Dirty Pictures. Milan Ruthria is directing this film. Vidhya Balan is donning the role of Silk Smitha while Ajay Devgan dons a guest role. Vidhya Balan while speaking about this film said,” Silk Smitha’s life is filled with sorrows. I am very happy I am donning the role of her.
Silk was born in Andhra. But after becoming an actress she settled down in Chennai. I am gathering information about the place she lived in, the actors who moved close with her and also her relatives so that I can act in this role pragmatically.”

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