'Ram Gopal Varma is a chilled out guy'

Swati has been doing meaningful Telugu films like Ashta Chamma, Kalavaramaye Madilo and the recent Golconda High School.
After her short and sweet role in Golconda High School, Swati is ready with Katha, Screenplay, Darshakatvam and KSD Appalraju.
KSD Appalraju directed by Ram Gopal Varma is expected to hit theatres this Friday.
In this exclusive interview, Swati talks about the film, acting under Ram Gopal Varma, and her other Telugu and Tamil projects.
Did you sign up KSD Appalraju because of Ram Gopal Varma?
Yes, of course. It's not often that an actor gets an opportunity to work with a director like Ram Gopal Varma. Every field has its specialists. Undeniably Ram Gopal Varma is one of them, controversies apart.
Of course, the script too is important. If I did not related to what he narrated, I wouldn't have done it.
What attracted you about the film?
The anguish that Appalraju goes through is real. It is not a sad film. It's reality mixed with humour. I felt I had to do it. The scenes narrated to me were realistic.

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