'Billa-2' Record-Break in 336 Hours

Much before making his debut directorial in Kollywood with Kamal Haasan’s ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’, Chakri had a bonding connection with film industry. As a young boy, he shared screen space with Kamal Haasan in ‘Salangai Oli’ and later undertook a vivid training in screenwriting and filmmaking.

Winning with a great debut through UPO, the young filmmaker has now won the appreciations of Ajith Kumar. For what reason? The young filmmaker has completed the complete screenwriting proceed within 2 weeks. With Ajith Kumar giving some tips, he took scrutinizing care over penning the screenplay and has now completed.

Ajith Kumar and the producers of ‘Billa-2’ have congratulated Chakri and his team of writers for their earnest efforts.

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